Students to Help Teachers Better Use Tech

from [[@reader/view/feed/|School Library Journal Breaking News]] The U.S. Department of Education (DOE) believes that when it comes to technology training, we should look no further than a terrific resource already in the classroom—students.
Sad, but maybe true.

What Are They Reading for Fun? Independent Schools Edition

from [[@reader/view/feed/|School Library Journal Breaking News]] Realistic fiction and memoirs
What ARE they reading for fun???

Schools to Compete in New Reality Show Called "Diving for Dollars"

from [[@reader/view/feed/|ASCD SmartBrief]] Comparing President Barack Obama's FY 2011 budget proposal to a bad television reality show in which educators compete for fe -More-
First KID NATION, now this?

School promotes student use of cell phones, iPods as learning tools

from [[@reader/view/feed/|ASCD SmartBrief]] Officials are changing the technology policies at a Colorado high school to allow students to use cell phones and iPods as ed -More-

Librarians Can Play Significant Role With Troubled Teens

from [[@reader/view/feed/|School Library Journal Breaking News]]
I can see that...

Libraries Face Perfect Storm: More Need, Less Funds from [[@reader/view/feed/|School Library Journal Breaking News]]

As with everything today, we need to do more with less.

Banned Dictionary Returned to Shelves from [[@reader/view/feed/|School Library Journal Breaking News]]

Banned disctionary?

President Obama Proposes Eliminating Federal School Library Funds from [[@reader/view/feed/|School Library Journal Breaking News]]

Come on, Obama...!

Dear Mr. President (via Buffy Hamilton) from [[@reader/view/feed/|School Library Journal - NeverEndingSearch]]

Does the president know that libraries are a proven resource?

Resources for students working below grade

from [[@reader/view/feed/|Techlearning]]
May be an interesting resource...

ALA Book Serves Up Expert Advice On Urban Teens In the Library from [[@reader/view/feed/|School Library Journal Breaking News]]

Depending on where (and if) I find a job, may be useful...

Best Science Books Awarded

from [[@reader/view/feed/|School Library Journal Breaking News]]
useful selection tool...

Textbooks That Professors Can Rewrite Digitally

British Government Says School Libraries Not Mandatory
And we always thought the British were so advanced....

Reading Fiction Can Help Combat Obesity, Study Says
What will they come up with next..?

Twitter + Literature = twiterature?
IT's the wave of the future...

Feds Release National Educational Technology Plan
interesting and exciting

Sign Twitter Petition to Obama: Librarians are Key to a 21 Century Education
Won't you sign?

Why we still need libraries and librarians
Good to have on hand for people who are anti-library - are there such people?!

School Librarians Can Help Increase Nation’s Report Card Reading Scores
Is "no duhhh" an acceptable response to this?

Teacher-tenure reform under way in many states
Tenure article - interesting

Educators: Students need a better understanding of computers

Many iPad applications may be tools for educators
Cool.....but $400 is a lot of money!

Panel calls for improved use of student data in revised NCLB
Good to know....