Weekly - 50 reflection words

Follow up to March 4th
1. Maybe, maybe not. This forum gave everyone equal opportunity to voice their opinion. It was good, first time I had ever participated in a chat tlike that. This have everyone responsibility and accountability.
2. Probably not. Those with stronger voices would be heard and those who don't speak up in class, well, they wouldn't have been heard.
3. I think this is an interesting and excellent way to have EVERYONE to participate in a discussion. I like it very much for those awful adolescent years where you don't want to speak out in front of a class. This made it feel more anonymous.

Digital Storytelling
I think this is another great way to bring technology into the library. Students will love creating and will have a more vested interest, I think. As a SMS I plan to incorporate all I can to bring these important literacy skills to my students.

Created an animoto photo story for the kids at my internship site. The kids loved it. I can only imagine how much more they will love it if they are pictures they pick. It's a great tool to use in the classroom. Although, I did pictionary in class with a few pieces of big paper taped to the shelves and they loved that too. Kids are easy to please.

Thursdays online class was good. I thought some offered unrealistic ideas for the classroom, but better to let people learn on their own then be the bearer of bad news - that usually just creates bad vibes.