Lesson Plan - service project

Nicole Rosario
Field Service Collaboration Project

Grade 5
Two class meeting lesson plan

Standard 7:
Students will apply the knowledge and thinking skills of mathematics, science and technology to address real-life problems and make informed decisions.

Key Idea 1:
The knowledge and skills of mathematics, science, and technology are used together to
make informed decisions and solve problems, especially those relating to issues of
science/technology/society, consumer decision making, design, and inquiry into
Key Idea 2:
Solving interdisciplinary problems involves a variety of skills and strategies, including
effective work habits; gathering and processing information; generating and analyzing
ideas; realizing ideas; making connections among the common themes of mathematics, science, and technology; and presenting results.

Standard 5 - Technology Education
Students will apply technological knowledge and skills to design, construct, use, and evaluate products and systems to satisfy human and environmental needs.

Computer Technology
Key idea: Technological systems are designed to achieve specific results and produce outputs, such as products, structures, services, energy, or other systems.

Students will be able to conceptualize and create, in groups of two, a photo story on recycling utilizing animoto.

Materials Needed
Smartboard or projector with computer

Students will be shown an animoto video created by the teacher to create excitement and engage the students.

Students will be advised that they will be creating a photo story video of their own on recycling. Teacher will give a brief tutorial on animoto – 5 minutes for what students will need to accomplish.
Teacher to talk to these points:
· Download pictures from Creative Commons on Flickr – any photos relating to recycling that they would like to use
· Save to their folder (students have their own sign-ons with an associated folder)with credits to photographer
· Loging on to to Flickr utilizing teacher sign on
· Starting photo story
· Adding photos
· Selecting music
· Adding title
· Finalizing and saving
· You must include at least 20 pictures
· Each picture must have a caption or description
· You must set your story to music
· It is your responsibility to give credit where credit is due. You must have photo credits for each picture.
· Be creative. This project represents you and your partner. Some examples - show how pollution effects animals, the water supply, your neighborhood.
Each photo story will be evaluated by the teacher. No grades will be assigned.

Offer extra help to those who struggle. Accept less than 20 photos for their finished product.
For student enrichment, ask for a follow up animoto story utilizing any photos or work from their school on line folder.